Shelly Jelly Jam (Japanese Name:Sheri Zeri Jamu) is a mini Kawaii Crush that comes with her best friend, Netty Betty Creamy Crunch in a twin

Her theme object is a bunch of grapes while her theme colors are shades of purple and pink.


(no personality info has been provided just yet!)


Shelly Jelly Jam is a fair-pale skinned girl with light ivy green eyes. Her hair is a very dull, pale shade of pink-lilac with flowing pigtails at the bottom of her head while her bangs curve around her face. Her lips are hot pink. On her head she can be found wearing a purple antennnae with jelly jars on each ear, a bunch of grapes shaped as an eye mask, or a dark purple bunch of grapes with a tiny pale green leaf on the corner with a neon purple "tail" attached as a night cap.

Her facial mask is bright neon purple.

Shelly can usually be seen wearing a neon purple corset-style tank top with matching baggy shorts with a bunch of grapes on each side and dark purple panty hose and dark purple slippers.

Another outfit she wears is a pale green dress with a neon pink bunch of grapes on the lower corner and matching boot-shoes with dark purple grapes on each toe.


  • Netty Betty Creamy Crunch and Shelly Jelly Jam BFF Pack. Includes many slumber party, bed time accessories.